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Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to combine learning and travel! No matter whether you want to stay abroad for a semester or longer, studying at a foreign university not only allows you to get to know your subject from a different perspective, you also improve your foreign language skills. Above all, you will gain unforgettable experiences with a new country, a new culture and meet new international friends.

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In order to be able to embark on this adventure with complete peace of mind, reliable insurance cover is particularly important. After all, you can also fall ill abroad and there are many other risks against which you should insure yourself.

A few practical examples:

  • In the cafeteria, you accidentally bump into your coffee mug and the coffee tips over your girlfriend's laptop. Everything is wet and the laptop won't start.
  • You go on a weekend trip with fellow students and your baggage is stolen.
  • You have a bicycle accident and need a lengthy dental treatment.
  • Your grandmother has died unexpectedly and you want to travel home for the funeral.

We therefore recommend that you take out complete cover, including health insurance, personal liability insurance, accident insurance and assistance insurance.

All these insurances are included in a PROTRIP-WORLD insurance package. If you are under 29 years of age, you can even get PROTRIP-WORLD at a special rate.

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Compulsory insurance

In many countries of the world there are regulations on how you must insure yourself as a student or doctoral student. If you go abroad via a program - such as Erasmus Plus - the insurance cover is already given about the program. If you intend to study in the USA or Canada, you must know that many universities require that students take out health insurance through the university. At best you inform yourself at your future university how you can plan for the time of the should be insured during a stay abroad. Under no circumstances should you be without a suitable foreign insurance travel abroad.

Our tip: We recommend that you take out insurance for the longest possible period of study that you are considering so that you are not suddenly left without protection and, for example, cannot continue your studies.

Check your insurance cover

The insurance offers of many programs and universities are suitable and you do not need to do anything else. However, sometimes the insurance cover is not as you are used to in your home country. Therefore, you should take your time before you leave and check the insurance offered. Sometimes it can be useful to take out PROTRIP-WORLD in addition to a compulsory insurance of the university or the country of travel.

Here are some questions that you should clarify before taking out insurance:

  • Does the insurance meet the requirements of the destination country?
    Information on this can be obtained from the relevant embassy or consulate, for example.
  • Are the benefits of the health insurance sufficient?
    A good health insurance should offer you protection in case of illness and accident and cover medically reasonable return transport. Furthermore, the costs for individual treatments should not be limited and illnesses should not be generally excluded from the insurance cover.
  • Is the insurance also valid for the outward and return journey as well as in the time before and after the start of your studies?
  • Is there protection in the event of interruption of your studies, for example for a holiday?
  • Does the insurance also cover sports accidents?

The PROTRIP-WORLD insurance for students and doctoral students adapts to your travel plans. You have the choice between different travel regions and you can also flexibly choose the scope of insurance: PROTRIP-WORLD always includes a strong international health insurance. We especially recommend students and doctoral students to supplement their insurance cover with the Standard or Complete Package to be able to travel and study without worries. The two packages differ in the scope of the liability insurance. The Complete Package offers students and Erasmus Plus participants particularly good protection. It includes, among other things, higher benefits in the event of damage caused by internships as part of a study or Erasmus Plus program.
If you choose a PROTRIP-WORLD insurance package, you benefit from the following insurance coverage:

International health insurance
Return transport
Contact in your native language
24-hour emergency hotline
Travel home in case of emergency
Travel insurance for holidays up to 6 weeks during the stay
Liability insurance
Accident insurance
Baggage insurance

You will find a detailed list of benefits at benefits overview.

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Before the stay abroad

Many embassies require a confirmation of insurance for a visa. Take out the insurance in good time. If the travel period is postponed later, you can have the insurance period changed. All you need to do is send an e-mail before the planned departure date. If the notification after the originally planned date of departure, we need a proof (passport copy or ticket) from you.

During the stay abroad

Should you need medical treatment during your stay abroad, we will be happy to assist you via chat, email or phone. we will explain what you need to know when visiting a doctor abroad. You will also find all the details in our section What to do in the event of a claim. PROTRIP-WORLD is valid in the area of validity of your choice (Europe, worldwide without USA and Canada, worldwide incl. USA and Canada). In addition, accidents and emergency treatments are also covered worldwide and in your home country during holidays with a duration of up to 6 weeks.

Do you have questions about a holiday following your stay abroad? We answer questions like these in our FAQ section.

After your stay abroad

You should always keep your insurance certificate since the authorities in a number of home countries require proof of insurance for the time spent abroad.

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