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You would like to have detailed information before purchasing International Health Insurance? We have put together the most important information about our International Health Insurance Policy PROTRIP-WORLD.

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Go to Why PROTRIP-WORLD? to learn about the most important reasons in favor of PROTRIP-WORLD. At Insurance - Quick & Easy, you will get all the details on how to purchase insurance. No matter what kind of travel you are planning, under PROTRIP-WORLD for ... we have summarized information about the insurance of all possible journeys. DR-WALTER customers are now given the safety app MY-SAFETY-APP 2 and the Air Doctor App after insurance conclusion. On MY-SAFETY-APP 2 and Air Doctor App we point out the features of the apps. Go to Questions & Answers for a list of frequently asked questions along with the answers or see experiences of other customers; you can also find our customer information on PROTRIP-WORLD in this section. Our additional insurances section will provide you with information on DR-WALTER’s other products.