Benefits overview

With PROTRIP-WORLD you can choose between a pure travel health insurance and a combination of travel health, accident, baggage, assistance and liability insurance. Here you will find an overview of the benefits provided by PROTRIP-WORLD.


Travel Health Insurance
Outpatient medical treatment
Inpatient medical treatment including operations
Provision with medicine, dressing material, remedies and medical appliances
Dental treatment for pain relief including simple fillings as well as repair of existing dentures and dental prosthesis per case
up to €500
Medically necessary dental treatment as a result of an accident
up to €1,000
Outpatient treatment of mental illnesses
up to €1,500
Inpatient emergency treatment of first-time mental or emotional disorders
up to €20,000
Transport costs to the nearest hospital (e.g. with ambulance vehicles)
Return transport to the insured person’s place of residence in his/her home country
Transport of the insured person’s mortal remains
Deductible for trips to the US only: in case of treatment in an emergency room; not applicable if medically necessary or in case of a resulting inpatient stay
Unlimited extension of insurance cover in case of extended stay abroad for medical reasons
Home country cover in case of an interruption of the stay abroad
Accident Insurance - if chosen
Accidental death benefit
Disability benefit
Disability classification
Benefit in case of 100% accidental disability
Rescue costs
Plastic surgery as a result of an accident
Assistance Insurance - if chosen
Assistance in case of loss of travel funds
Assistance in case of loss of travel documents
Assistance in case of criminal prosecution
Return trip in case of an emergency
Arrival of a person in a position of trust in case of an emergency per insured event up to a maximum amount of
Baggage Insurance - if chosen
Sum insured
The policy includes damage to furs, jewelry, objects made of precious metals, laptops, photographic and film equipment and portable video systems, including their accessories. For the aforementioned objects, the liability for damages per insured event is limited to
50% of the sum insured
Deductible for damage to baggage per insured event
Liability Insurance Standard - if chosen -
Personal liability insurance including “professional” liability insurance for au pairs with a lump sum for personal injury and property damage
up to €1,000,000
Property damage to host family’s immovable property
up to €1,000,000*
Damage to rented property covered by the policy
up to €100,000*
Liability loss caused during activities as an intern
up to €10,000*
Deductible in case of liability loss per insured event
Liability Insurance Complete - if chosen -
Lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial loss
up to €5,000,000
Damages occurring during internships, which are part of university studies or an Erasmus Plus program
Damages occurring during internships, which are not part of university studies or an Erasmus Plus program
up to €10,000* with a deductible of €100
Damage to the host family's property
Damage to rented property
up to €1,000,000*
Bail payment in the case of loss or damage occurring in a foreign country
up to €25,000*
Loss of private and business keys belonging to third parties
up to €30,000*
Damage to property arising from an act of favor
up to €10,000*
Damage arising from data exchange and use of the Internet
up to €1,000,000*
*Sublimit within the basic sum insured
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